A consistent effort is being made to keep up a competitive market service system that is professional, digitalized, and internationally accessible ― by studying customer requirements, optimizing organization, rationalizing management, building up a digitalized service platform, and maintaining a highly professional staff.

Goal of Service

The goal of service is to facilitate cross-border capital flow among countries in the Belt and Road Program and the development of the real economy in those countries, by providing 24-hour bilingual information services, credit management service to cover the whole of the investment process, services in corporate finance, and services for credit rating.

Intended Recipients

They fall into three main groups: Governments, financial institutions, and enterprises in the Belt-and-Road countries.

1. Governments

Most of the countries along the Belt and Road are developing countries, with relatively weak economic power and financial capability. They have yet to fully tap the investment opportunities in their countries, especially in the development of public infrastructure, nor to build strong ties with the global capital market. Dagong Data will provide, on its service platform of SilkRoadITFin.com, such services as credit rating and credit management for the governments of the 65 nations in the Belt and Road Program.

2. Financial Institutions

The Belt and Road Program calls for financial links between the participant countries. By establishing a new model for cross-border capital flows and credit rating, Dagong Data will provide credit information services to the financial institutions, such as banks and investment funds, in those countries, through which it will play a positive role in the building of a common financial security network and a general Belt and Road financial service system which is stable and sustainable, and with good risk control.

3. Enterprises

Enterprises constitute the main body of an economy and of Dagong Data’s clients. Dagong Date extends services in credit information and credit management to the enterprises in the Belt-and-Road countries, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises, allowing them to overcome the information asymmetry between enterprises and financial institutions, and obtain prompt and efficient credit services.