About the Company

Dagong Credit Data Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Dagong Data”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the renowned Dagong Global Credit Rating Group (hereafter “Dagong Global”). Dagong Data is an innovative financial technology service provider, a specialist in Internet-based digital credit rating. It provides products and services related to credit information to participants in the Chinese Belt and Road initiative and clients around the world. 

Organizational Structure


■  March 2014
Dagong Credit Data Co., Ltd. was founded.

■  June 2014
Development of SilkRoadITFin.com launched, an online finance/credit service platform, in order to facilitate cross-border flow of capital among countries covered by the Belt and Road Initiative.

■  August 2014
Release of Dagong Report on the Development of a Credit Information Platform in Internet Finance, Dagong Rating Methodology of Accessibility of the Internet Finance Market, and Dagong Rating Methodology of Solvency in Internet Finance, thus creating a unique model of “two-way participation, two-level rating” in Internet finance. They ensure the quality and efficiency in investment-related decision-making.
■  January 2015
On January 21, Dagong Data announced the blacklisting of 266 P2P (online loan service) platforms, and to put another 676 P2P platforms on its watch list, in a bid to help China avert a system breakdown that might have resulte from unregulated growth in financial technology.   
On January 28, Dagong Data held the “Creditors’ Forum in Internet Finance”, the very first of its kind in China to advance the protection of creditors’ rights.

■  February 2015
Dagong Data hosted “Forum on Disclosure in Internet Finance”, to discuss how the disclosure of credit information can be conducted in a comprehensive and timely manner according to the professional standards, to ensure the well-regulated and healthy development of Internet finance.

■  September 2015
Dagong Data had finished building its database for credit rating in Internet finance, and had published 2,665 reports about the industry.

■  December 2016
Dagong Data succeeded in developing its new online credit rating system – driven by its digitalized credit rating solution to enable one common database to carry three functional platforms.

■  May 2017
After three years of developing, testing and compliance optimization, SilkRoadITFin.com officially came into operation.