About the Company

Dagong Credit Data Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Dagong Data”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the renowned Dagong Global Credit Rating Group (hereafter “Dagong Global”). Dagong Data is an innovative financial technology service provider, a specialist in Internet-based...

Development Strategy

The development strategy of Dagong Data is to build an international Internet finance system supported by digitalized credit rating with the goal of serving capital interconnectivity in the Belt and Road Program, to represent the direction of innovation in Internet finance.

Technology Superiority

‘Four-in-One’ Risk Control System

Four-in-One, Risk Control System means, public disclosure by the debtor, public supervision by the credit...

Digitalized Credit rating

A debtor is provided, according to the rating data map, with a terminal by which to generate standardized credit...

Service for Market

A consistent effort is being made to keep up a competitive market service system that is professional, digitalized, and internationally accessible ― by studying customer requirements, optimizing organization, rationalizing management, building up a digitalized service platform...


A credit information/service platform for the Belt and Road


SilkRoadITFin.com is a credit information/service platform designed to facilitate the cross-border capital flow in the Belt and Road program. It is safeguarded by a risk control mechanism under professional monitoring and guidance, offers an open, participatory, efficient and secure online market environment.


Belt-and-Road Information

Information including investment projects, government policies, and macro-economic situations in ...

Full-process credit management

Credit management is made possible through the whole process of investment.

Credit rating

Debtors are rated for their credit, as the determinant of their debt repayment capability and fund raising size.

Credit products

Direct investment products designed for debtors and creditors.


Database + platforms

Credit information database + credit rating platform + credit rating management platform + credit information service platform

Interest rate setting mechanism

Interest rates are set according to the debtor’s credit degree, and availability capital in the market.

Credit-based fund raising

Drawing on all-round credit information to assess a debtor’s future debt repayment capability.

Credit management

All market participants are screened for their credit standing, while the use of the creditors’ funds is monitored throughout the investment process.


All fund-raisers are from the real economy. All funds are under the administration of depository banks. With a high level of legal and regulatory compliance, all risks are under good control.

International application

Business entities worldwide can conduct investment/fund raising activities on the platform.


Credit Information

SilkRoadITFin.com can provide the macro-economic and micro-economic information needed by cross-border investment activities in the Belt and Road Program, from the state- and industry-level policies, enterprise strategies, humanities, economy, to the information about credit rating and credit management.


Credit Information-Based Applications

Its credit information/application platform can accommodate real-time transactions in investment. Its digital credit information products can fully expose the debtors’ credit risks. It provides the creditors a more open, efficient, and capable alternative to the offline investment deals.


Customer Service